Latin American Children's Fund (LACF)

Latin American Children's Fund is dedicated to bringing health and education to the impoverished children of Latin American.   South Side Supports LACF on a quarterly basis.

Visit their web site http://latinamericanchildrensfund.org  

John-Mark & Susan Brabon

South Side supports John-Mark and Susan on a monthly basis.  Susan was raised in South Side and remains a dear friend of the church. One Mission Society missionaries since 1979, John-Mark currently serves as international regional director (IRD) for OMS Asia Pacific. In this role, John-Mark will travel at least twice a year to each of the 16 countries of the Asia Pacific region, giving vision, leadership and encouragement, as well as ministering to missionaries and national leaders. Susan works with Dynamic Women in Missions in the Development Department. John-Mark and Susan reside in Taichung, Taiwan.

Bernie Barton

Career Missionary to Japan for Church of God Ministries/Global Missions
  • Serving since 1998 as principal of Tamagawa Seigakuin, a Christian girls' junior and senior high school located in Tokyo. Pastoring at the Tamagawa Church.

Children of Promise

As the child sponsorship ministry of the Church of God (Anderson, IN), Children of Promise partners with Church of God congregations in 27 countries across the globe to provide food, schooling, health care, and spiritual nurture to children in need. Begun in 1992, the ministry now reaches children in poor, isolated villages as well as those in teeming, urban slums. Wherever children need help, Children of Promise wants to be there.
Human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing crime, with 27 million people, and nearly 2 million children trapped in sexual slavery. Trafficking exists in every country in the world, and every city in in the United States. South Side Church of God has partnered with several other organizations and ministries to bring awareness of the realities of trafficking, which we see every day in St. Louis. Our hope and prayer is that people will sense God’s heart for those trapped in this sin of sexual slavery and with a passionate heart become modern-day abolitionists and help in this fight for the most basic human rights. 
Other organizations who help in the fight here in St. Louis are Crisis Aid and Monarch Jewelry.